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Filming with Drones

What Drones we use

We used DJI Drones, Simply because over enough time we have learned what we like best and what works best for our films. We use the Mini 3 Pro and the Avata Fpv. Which are extremely reliable and safe to use and both film in D-Log allowing us to have not only full 4k shots but the full ability to colour grade every aspect.

Does Weather Effect flight

In Short, Yes. All sorts of weather can stop us from flying. We dont put our drones / Ourselves or the public at Risk.

where can you fly a drone?

Location is a big deal when it comes to laws and safety for drones. There is alot of restrictions on locations so be sure to ask us if your location is okay to fly a drone at !

Are you Licensed?

Yes, we have licenses to use these drones. We will take every precaution to ensure everyones safety. 



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