Price Changes for 2023

Hey folks, unfortunately we have noticed that no matter what package we book for weddings we end up doing the same amount of work to achieve the end result that we all want.

We have changed our wedding packages to 1 Wedding package and that package starts at 2500.00

This package will include a 5-10 Minute longFull 4k edit of your big day

2 Full 4k Cameras

Instagram reels/Facebook reels

Screen Grabs

MicroDrone for full scene shots

and can additionally include lighting, Smoke,Fog and tons of other very fun creative ways to capture your big day! (Additional costs may be included)

Due to the rising prices around us our travel prices have gone up as well.

Thank you for understanding

We will honour anyone who booked before the change to the old packages we had listed.

On a different note we would like to mention we will be doing small giveaways on our Facebook soon! All prizes will be wedding or event related.

You Must be registered on our website and follow us on Facebook@ Mgd media/ instagram @Mgd_Mediaco to be eligible!

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