Working Hard to achieve our goals

I started filming years ago, when I was a teenager I had the most recent digital camera and I made home made videos for my friends with windows movie maker. As time evolved I went to a go pro, than a go pro on a gimbal. Than it got serious to big gimbals, lights, expensive cameras. We evolved so quickly and over the past 5 years we have had the honour of filming over 30 weddings across Ontario, Dozens of business's, Events and gatherings of sorts. A lot of vehicle and toy showcase videos, pretty much whatever we are asked to film we find a way to make it happen. Although our website focuses mostly on weddings, We have filmed a very wide variety of projects throughout our time. In the future we are only hoping to continue to grow and expand. We will be pushing much harder this season (2022) to achieve our version of success. We truly appreciate anyone who has trusted us to film their event or big day. You are a part of our growth and you'll never be forgotten. Thank you for the continued support as we try to push into a different category.

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